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Parents & Students quotes

Our son has been having regular guitar tuition from David for over a year now and the lessons have been very enjoyable. 

The lessons gave our son not only motivating introduction to classical guitar and alongside progression through Sight Reading, William Leavitt Guitar book, the ABRSM pieces and songs, but improvisational techniques and variations for blues and jazz approaches too. He customized the music and lessons to his current skill level while at the same time provided challenges to keep the learning process going. 

David is a very positive and encouraging teacher whose patience, inspiration and enthusiastically calm teaching style make the learning experience fun. Not only our son grows as a guitar player, he is gaining more confidence in himself. Playing and practicing the guitar is not a chore but rather an activity our son performs happily and voluntarily. 

“We highly recommend Dave as a guitar teacher and are envious of his future students who can experience his contagious passion and love of music first hand“


Sabbah family


“A great teacher with a nice and welcoming attitude David teaches various guitar style. He is really focused in each session and doesn't miss the detail. Highly recommend him“




“David is great with children. He is friendly, patient and always operates at the level of the child. He is sympathetic and empathetic to the needs of the child and gives feedback in a child-friendly manner to my child. He appears knowledgeable and able to impart knowledge and skills to my child“


Eunice Aidoo


“David is a wonderful teacher, patient, immensely knowledgeable and with an ability to convey the joy and depth of music in everyday language. He's also great with children, able to talk to them with sympathy and without a trace of condescensio“


Nick Sharman

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Evaristo Grima


" I only can say David is a wonderful guy. He was my teacher guitar in 2003 and since then I deeply admire him, because his talent and his personality. I am very glad you had found success in London "


Your friend




PS: Congratulations for your web and your couple.

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