Lola Lopez (voice), Pablo Elorriaga (drum), Carlos "Pol Uñan" (bass) and myself playing guitar, we started building a set list of Nujazz covers after an audition organiced by Pablo y Lola. It was a pleasure working with them for two years, although we were playing covers, the creativity and inspiracy make us loose our sense of time in the rehearsal room.


Pablo is a sybarite of music, with an exclusive taste for the sound. "Pol" is an artist, a creative soul, from his relation with philosophy and of course the musique. Lola has a gift, her talented voice is nice, sweet and deep. 


Playing with Milan 430 I left the Nylon string guitar for a while and play the electric guitar, my American Strat 69's even emulating the keyboards sound of nujazz songs. We left some recordings of this amazing time together.