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Gift Vouchers 


You can also buy lessons for friends and family in the form of gift vouchers, sent by email or by regular post enclosed in a gift card.



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guitar lessons via skype:

guitar lessons


All ages and levels. A personal method based on my years of experience as a teacher and professional musician, making use of new technology as an essential tool in the teaching-learning process today.  From anywhere in the world I teach the student the material in person via the video online and then, examples of the material covered can be sent as  PDF, MP3 audio and MP4 video examples. 




Sight Reading, chords construction, scales, rhythm and accompaniment, modern harmony, musical styles, ear training, improvisation, composition, and music production, Coaching aimed at the comprehensive development of professional musicians.




Right Hand (pick, fingers, pick + fingers, muting, fingerpicking, 


Left Hand (bending, vibrato, slide, legato, trill, glissando, etc.).


You can get additional information about my concept of the notes, articulation, technique, emotion/feel, dynamics, tone/sound, rhythm/tempo, phrasing, space/silence and gear set up for each setlist, style or every work situation.




Lessons are conducted through videoconference main programs such as Skype. You must have an internet connection with a minimum of 1MB upload, microphone, webcam, and sound card.




Classical, Flamenco, Latin, Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Rock, Country, Funk Soul, Fusion, RnB, Pop






Guitar lessons online for beginners and advanced students. 

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